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Lantern Pharma’s biotech innovations and scientific oncology drug development processes are reflected in numerous research publications. We are proud not only to conduct our own oncology research, but enable others to make their own advances in biotech as well. The more oncology research is done, the more information becomes available, and the higher the chances are to discover effective means for combating cancer. Our biotech pharma stands among many others in this fight.

  • A machine learning‐based gene signature of response to the novel alkylating agent LP‐184 distinguishes its potential tumor indications

    Umesh Kathad, Aditya Kulkarni, Joseph Ryan McDermott, Jordan Wegner, Peter Carr, Neha Biyani, Rama Modali, Jean‐Philippe Richard, Panna Sharma and Kishor Bhatia

  • Phase I and pharmacologic study of BNP7787, a novel chemoprotector in patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer

    Masuda N., Negoro S., Hausheer F., Nakagawa K., Matsui K., Kudoh S., Takeda K., Yamamoto N., Yoshimura N., Ohashi Y., Fukuoka M.

  • Phase I and pharmacokinetic study of the novel chemoprotector BNP7787 in combination with cisplatin and attempt to eliminate the hydration schedule

    Boven E., Westerman M., van Groeningen C.J., Verschraagen M., Ruijter R., Zegers I., van der Vijgh W.J.F., Giaccone G.

  • Cysteine specific targeting of the functionally distinct peroxiredoxin and glutaredoxin proteins by the investigational disulfide BNP7787

    Parker A.R., Petluru P.N., Nienaber V.L., Badger J., Leverett B.D., Jair K., Sridhar V., Logan C., Ayala P.Y., Kochat H., Hausheer F.H.

  • Novel covalent modification of human anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK) and potentiation of crizotinib-mediated inhibition of ALK activity by BNP7787

    Parker A.R., Petluru P.N., Nienaber V.L., Zhao M., Ayala P.Y., Badger J., Chie-Leon B., Sridhar V., Logan C., Kochat H., Hausheer F.H.

  • Activity of irofulven against human pancreatic carcinoma cell lines in vitro and in vivo

    Van Laar E.S., Roth S., Weitman S., MacDonald J.R., Waters S.J.

  • Efficacy of MGI 114 (6-hydroxymethylacylfulvene, HMAF) against the mdr1/gp170 metastatic MV522 lung carcinoma xenograft

    Kelner M.J., McMorris T.C., Estes L., Samson K.M., Bagnell R.D., Taetle R.

  • Efficacy of HMAF (MGI-114) in the MV522 metastatic lung carcinoma xenograft model nonresponsive to traditional anticancer agents

    Kelner M.J., McMorris T.C., Estes L., Wang W., Samson K.M., Taetle R.

  • Improved efficacy of acylfulvene in colon cancer cells when combined with a nuclear excision repair inhibitor

    Van Midwoud P.M., Sturla S.J.

  • Efficacy of acylfulvene illudili analogues against a metastatic lung carcinoma MV 522 xenograft nonresponsive to traditional anticancer agents: retention of activity against various mdr phenotypes and unusual cytotoxicity against ERCC 2 and ERCC 3 DNA helicase-deficient cells

    Kelner M.J., Mcmorris T.C., Estes L.A., Starr R.J., Rutherford M., Montoya M., Samson K.M., Taetle R.

  • Anti-tumour compounds illudin S and Irofulven induce DNA lesions ignored by global repair and exclusively processed by transcription- and replication-coupled repair pathways

    Jaspers N.G., Raams A., Kelner M.J., Ng J.M., Yamashita Y.M., Takeda S., McMorris T.C., Hoeijmakers J.H.

  • Hydroxyurea derivatives of irofulven with improved antitumor efficacy

    Staake M.D., Kashinatham A., McMorris T.C., Estes L.A., Kelner M.J.

  • Characterization of illudin S sensitivity in DNA repair-deficient Chinese hamster cells. Unusually high sensitivity of ERCC2 and ERCC3 DNA helicase-deficient mutants in comparison to other chemotherapeutic agents

    Kelner M.J., McMorris T.C., Estes L., Rutherford M., Montoya M., Goldstein J., Samson K., Starr R., Taetle R.

  • Apoptosis induction by the dual-action DNA- and protein-reactive antitumor drug irofulven is largely Bcl-2-independent

    Herzig M.C., Trevino A.V., Liang H., Salinas R., Waters S.J., MacDonald J.R., Woynarowska B.A., Woynarowski J.M.

  • Up-regulation of human prostaglandin reductase 1 improves the efficacy of hydroxymethylacylfulvene, an antitumor chemotherapeutic agent

    Yu X., Erzinger M.M., Pietsch K.E., Cervoni-Curet F.N., Whang J., Niederhuber J., Sturla S.J.

  • Influence of irofulven, a transcription-coupled repair-specific antitumor agent, on RNA polymerase activity, stability and dynamics in living mammalian cells

    Escargueil A.E., Poindessous V., Soares D.G., Sarasin A., Cook P.R., Larsen A.K.

  • Enantioselective total synthesis of (−)-Acylfulvene and (−)- Irofulven

    Siegel D.S., Piizzi G., Piersanti G., Movassaghi M.

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