Oncology drug development today is a perfect environment for AI

Oncology drug development is time consuming, costly and high risk, with rates of a successful outcome (drug approval) being very low. This is a perfect problem area for the application of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Wong, C. H., Siah, K. W., & Lo, A. W. (2019). Estimation of clinical trial success rates and related parameters. Biostatistics (Oxford, England), 20(2), 273–286. doi:10.1093/biostatistics/kxx069

Lantern Pharma has a targeted, personalized approach to oncology drug development: RADR

Lantern Pharma is advancing and accelerating the development of precision oncology therapeutics using AI, genomics and machine learning.

  • Data Driven – Our RADR™ Precision Medicine platform analyzes genetic bio- marker data using advanced machine learning algorithms to stratify trial patients.

  • Research Led – The technology enables more efficient novel drug positioning, existing drug repositioning, and the rescue and repurposing of shelved therapeutic assets.

  • Results Oriented – Lantern is focused on personalizing cancer therapies for patients and potentially improving the outcome for the patient.

RADR™ is being continually improved by Lantern Pharma for the development of our drug portfolio and to pinpoint patient groups that can be best treated by our therapies and the therapies of our partners.

RADR™ Platform Architecture

Lantern Pharma’s solution is through the development of a process that accurately stratifies patient populations into responders and non-responders for a wide variety of oncology therapies to de-risk clinical trials, develop companion diagnostics and increase the potential for successful FDA approval with reduced costs.

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Bringing breakthrough approaches that can potentially change the cost curve and risk involved in cancer therapy development requires an immense network of talented collaborators and partners. At Lantern Pharma we are constantly looking to involve ourselves with like minded companies, organizations and people.

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