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Lantern Pharma is an AI company transforming the cost, pace, and timeline of oncology drug discovery and development. Our proprietary AI and machine learning (ML) platform, RADR®, leverages over 60+ billion oncology-focused data points and a library of 200+ advanced ML algorithms to help solve billion-dollar, real-world problems in cancer drug development. By harnessing the power of AI and with input from world-class scientific advisors and collaborators, we have accelerated the development of our growing pipeline of precision therapies.

Today we are able to understand the genomic or biomarker basis of why certain patients respond exquisitely to certain therapies in cancer, while others fail to respond at all. At the same time, we are now able to access the computing power and algorithms required to make sense of the clinical and scientific data that is available to us, and then propose precision focused trials that provide us with a compressed development timeline.

Emerging technologies are transforming the pace and insight of oncology drug development. We currently leverage:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Cloud Computing
• Automated genomic analysis
• Big data analytics

These techniques and methods have been robustly tested across many different industries. Applying technologies like AI in pharma and healthcare will help solve real-world problems in cancer therapy development:

1) Clarifying insight into the mechanism of action for drugs, resulting in improved molecular targeting
2) Identifying and prioritizing a compound’s disease indications or subtypes, where it may have the greatest therapeutic benefit
3) Determining optimal drug combinations, potentially improving the therapeutic potential of a drug
4) Stratifying patients into responders and non-responders using machine learning generated biomarkers signatures, ultimately de-risking and streamlining clinical trials.

Using AI we have made huge strides in advancing solutions to these problems, which is shortening cancer drug development timelines and reducing costs for oncology pharmas.

We are continuously advancing our AI precision oncology therapeutics platform, RADR®, through partnerships with cloud computing firms, hospitals, clinical healthcare centers, investigator consortia, other biopharma companies, and tissue and data banks.



We’re transforming the lives of cancer patients by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to stratify patients into responders and non-responders and more deeply understand how to personalize and develop targeted cancer therapies. This, in turn, significantly reduces the timeline and cost of treatment.

We’re developing breakthrough approaches that can potentially change the cost curve and risk involved in cancer therapy development. Our mission is to help patients with cancer lead better, longer lives.

A new approach to drug development

Partner with us

Our breakthrough approach requires an immense network of talented collaborators and partners. At Lantern Pharma we are constantly looking to align ourselves with like-minded companies, organizations and people to further our development of cancer therapies and pharmaceuticals.

We partner with academic institutions, companies and non-profits with:

  • Large genomic cancer data sets
  • Novel cancer cell lines, organoid and PDX models
  • Access to patient tumor samples
  • Innovative and big data approaches to solve complex problems
Partner with Us
“We are in the golden age of A.I. in medicine.”
Panna Sharma
Lantern Pharma
Success rate of cancer drugs in clinical trial testing
Cancer is the second leading cause of death after heart disease
$200 Billion
Current global oncology drug market
Biomarker-based trials are 12 times more likely to succeed