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Lantern’s Core Operational Strengths

  • Innovation.

  • Precision.

  • Accuracy.

  • Scale.

  • Automation.

  • Economy.

  • Pace.

  • Network.

Through professional relationships with a growing range of partners including cloud computing firms, hospitals, clinical healthcare centers, investigator consortia, tissue and data banks,  Lantern Pharma is continuously advancing its precision oncology therapeutics platform. By AI-driven identification and precision trial-driven validation of complex genetic signatures predictive of patient response, Lantern aims to greatly enhance the value of each drug candidate, thereby creating mutiple exit points for each drug.


RADR or Response Algorithm for Drug Rescue & Positioning is Lantern’s proprietary integrated data analytics, experimental biology and machine learning based platform for patient genetic profiling for robust drug response prediction.

Meet Our Team

Strong scientific and business team with expertise in pharmaceutical development.

Management Team

Arun Asaithambi, Ph.D.Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Gregory Tobin, Ph.D.Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Peter Nara, Ph.D.Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Barry HendersonBusiness Development Officer
Peter RockChief Finance Officer
David Margrave

Board Members

Arun Asaithambi, Ph.D.Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
John Fucci
Jeff Keyser
Peter Nara