precision medicine

Lantern Pharma is an emerging clinical stage biotechnology company leading a wave of innovation in personalized healthcare. We are pioneering precision medicine approach to cancer by tailoring promising drug programs to the right patients. Our approach is to use an integrated ‘5M’ theranostics approach for genetic screening to identify and treat patients that would benefit most from our drugs. 5M Theranostics incorporate 5 major modules: in-silico (Data Analytics/ Artificial intelligence), in-vitro (high throughput screening) and in-vivo (PDX etc.), patient sample screening powered by genomics/sequencing technologies.  We believe this approach will reduce the cost of development and increase the speed to market.  Our first program is in clinical stage with our global partner.  We have 3 precision clinical phase2/3 drug programs. We are expanding our pipeline to individualize cancer drugs and diagnostics. We are looking forward to partner with drug and diagnostic companies.


  • Focused clinical trials to be completed.
  • Development of companion diagnostics.
  • Focussed clinical trials
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  • Strong scientific and business team with expertise in pharmaceutical development.
  • Extensive support network(CROs, Academia and Investors. investors investors
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