Lantern Pharma is leading a wave of innovation in cancer treatment that we believe will bring the best therapies to patients who are most likely to respond. We are pioneering precision medicine approach to cancer by tailoring promising drug programs to the right patients.  Our approach is to use biomarker based genetic screening to identify and treat patients that would benefit most from our drugs. We believe this approach will reduce the cost of development and increase the speed to market. Our strategy is to acquire or partner with promising drug and diagnostic companies to move forward promising personalized medicine programs for cancer patients.


  • Focused clinical trials to be completed.
  • Development of companion diagnostics.
  • Focussed clinical trials
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  • Strong scientific and business team with expertise in pharmaceutical development.
  • Extensive support network(CROs, Academia and Investors. investors investors


Jun 04,2015

Pioneering precision medicine by tailoring the right drugs to the right cancer patients patients thrty.  Agreement Worth Up To $   .............more

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