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Panna Sharma
Arun K Asaithambi, PhD
Co-founder and Advisor
Gregory Tobin, PhD
Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer
Peter Nara, DVM, MS, PhD
Barry Henderson, MS
Advisor, UK & Europe
Aditya Kulkarni, PhD
Lead Scientist & Program Manager
Umesh Kathad, MS
Lead Computational Biologist
Yuvanesh Vedaraju, MS
Data Scientist

Board Members

Arun Asaithambi, Ph.D.
John Fucci
Jeff Keyser
Panna Sharma
David Silberstein

Dr. Arun Asaithambi

Dr. Arun Asaithambi is a biochemical engineer, biotech scientist and an experienced healthcare & technology entrepreneur, who is building global organizations integrating multiple technology applications that include Bio-technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics to benefit customers specifically in Biotech, Fintech, Food Tech and Automobiles.

As a serial entrepreneur, Arun has successfully helped to build and grow four tech companies (see below) over the last 9 years, securing multi-millions in terms of private funding, partnerships, revenues and grants/contracts:

John Fucci

Mr. Fucci has five years of experience in private equity focused primarily on angel and venture capital investments. He is a partner at Steelhead Capital Management and BIOS Partners and is active in a variety of industries including biotechnology, consumer packaged goods, energy, and real estate. Mr. Fucci currently serves on the board of Lantern Pharma, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on clinical-staged cancer therapies. Mr. Fucci double majored in Finance with an emphasis in Real Estate and Entrepreneurial Management from Texas Christian University.

Dr. D. Jeff Keyser 

Dr. Donald Jeffrey Keyser is currently serving as Board Chairman for Lantern Pharma. Dr. Keyser founded Renibus Therapeutics, a company developing novel therapies for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney disease. He is on the Renibus Board of Directors and is the President and Chief Operating Officer for the company. Dr. Keyser founded ZSPharma and was instrumental in multiple rounds of private equity and a highly successful IPO and was eventually acquired by Astra Zeneca for $2.7 Billion. He was on ZSPharma’s Board of Directors and was the Chief Operating Officer for the company.

Dr. Keyser was the inventor of the Mucinex product line for Adams Respiratory Therapuetics. He developed and executed the R&D and Regulatory strategy for Adams Respiratory Therapuetics as Vice President of Development and Regulatory Affairs. Adams Respiratory Therapuetics was acquired by Reckitt Benckiser for $2.3 Billion. He was previously employed as Chief Compliance Officer & Vice President Regulatory Affairs, Encysive Pharmaceuticals,Vice President Technical & Regulatory Affairs, Medeva Americas, Sr. Director Regulatory Affairs, Marion Merrell Dow and Regulatory Principal, Abbott Laboratories.

Dr. Keyser received his Pharmacy degree from Creighton University, a Juris Doctorate from Creighton University, a MPA from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and a PhD in Economics from The University of Texas at Dallas.

Dr. David S. Silberstein  

Dave received his PhD in Immunology at Columbia University and Postdoctoral training at Harvard Med School/Brigham & Women’s Hospital. He continued for 7 years at Harvard, leading a research team studying the biochemistry of inflammation. This was followed by 20 years at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals where he had leadership roles in genomics, translational science, company-wide portfolio management, and science support for two products through launch to aggregate sales of > $30 billion. Since 2013, he has worked independently with a number of early stage biotech companies and as a consultant to investment firms. Current work includes his role as Principal Investigator of an NCI-funded clinical trial in patients with multiple brain metastases.