Lantern Pharma Whitepaper on RADR (Responsive Algorithm for Drug Positioning and Rescue) precision oncology medicine platform

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Our RADR® platform analyzes genetic data using advanced machine learning algorithms to stratify trial patients for oncology studies into responder and non-responder groups. The machine learning technology is aimed at enabling more efficient novel drug positioning, existing drug repositioning, and the rescue and repurposing of shelved therapeutic assets. Download our whitepaper to learn more about the RADR® platform and the details on how it advances oncology studies

Today we are able to understand the genomic or biomarker basis of why certain patients respond exquisitely to certain therapies in cancer, while others fail to respond at all. At the same time, we are now able to access the computing power and algorithms required to more deeply understand the clinical and scientific data that are available to us, and then propose precision focused trials aimed at providing us with a compressed development timeline.

Panna Sharma President & Chief Executive Officer

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