Chief operating officer

Dr. Tobin’s primary research interests include the development of vaccines, immunotherapeutics, and small molecules for the treatment of cancer.  Dr. Tobin is a virologist, molecular biologist, immunologist, and cancer biologist by training and have led numerous research projects in positions at the National Cancer Institute and BMI, including discovery-stage research in immunotoxins and the analysis of small molecules in mouse models of human leukemia.  As Chief Scientific Officer of BMI, he developed and managed all aspects of research and development portfolio.  As Chief Operating Officer, he manages personnel and infrastructure to ensure that the business is efficient and successful. As Chief Operating Officer of Lantern Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Dr.Tobin will be intimately involved in establishing the necessary infrastructure to successfully develop anticancer treatments.  His initial interest is the continued development of Illudin-S-derivatives that have been shown to be well-tolerated and efficacious.  His long-term interests include the development of immunotoxin conjugates for improved targeting of anticancer drugs to cells of interest.

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