Dr.Asaithambi will lead Lantern drug development efforts. An experienced biotechnology scientist and entrepreneur with scientific and management expertise leading emerging bio-tech/bio-pharma companies. Dr. Asaithambi is the former co-founding CEO of Signal Therapeutics, an innovative biotech company developing novel small molecule and peptide based therapeutics platforms. He successfully raised early stage funding for product development and identified co-development and commercialization  partners. He held senior scientist position at Biological Mimetics (BMI) and part of the core team that co-founded Lantern. Dr. Asaithambi was the Principal Investigator at Iowa State University on research projects for novel technology development and served on professional committees in various leadership roles including the Society of Toxicology. He has received numerous young investigator awards including Drug Discovery and Biotechnology Specialty Section Awards from the Society of Toxicology. He has contributed to several Intellectual Property disclosures. He received his undergraduate and graduate training in the areas of chemical/bio-process engineering, bio-infomatics,biomedical sciences, drug discovery pharmacology/toxicology. He received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University.

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