Dr. Arun Asaithambi is the Founding CEO of Dallas based Lantern Pharma Inc, Genomics & AI based biotech company developing precision cancer drugs that he co-founded with Drs. Peter Nara and Greg tobin during late 2013. Lantern was founded combining his earlier expertise building a Data Analytics/AI company with products currently in the market and a Biotech start-up. Dr. Arun Asaithambi is an experienced healthcare & technology entrepreneur, who is successfully building global organizations integrating multiple technology applications that include Genomics, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics to benefit costumers in multiple industries including Bio-Tech, Fin-Tech and Health & Consumer care. As a serial entrepreneur, Arun Asaithambi help successfully build and grow 4 tech companies over the last 7 years. He co-founded Intuition Systems with Anand Asaithambi in 2013, which is currently India's leading AI- based integrated Point of Sales/Care and Payments Systems. In 2010, Arun founded his first start-up company Signal Therapeutics as a 25-year-old final year PhD student at Iowa State. Signal Therapeutics was an innovative biotech start-up company developing novel peptidomimetic based therapeutics platforms. In 2011, He also co-founded and now exited India’s first semi-robotic /semi-automated food-tech start-up Dosai Asai. 

Dr. Asaithambi has previously held Scientists and Principal Investigator roles briefly at Biological Mimetics Inc and Iowa State University. He has also served on professional committees in various leadership roles including the Society of Toxicology during his PhD. He has received more than 10 young investigator awards including Drug Discovery and Biotechnology Specialty Section Awards from the Society of Toxicology and Research Excellence Award during this period. He has contributed to several Intellectual Property disclosures, research articles and publications. He received his undergraduate and graduate training in the areas of chemical/bio-process engineering, bio-informatics, biomedical sciences, drug discovery pharmacology/toxicology. He received his Ph.D. from Iowa State University.

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